Pokémon Day: Blaise’s top 10 favourite ‘mons

Happy Pokémon Day!

I can’t believe its been 24 years since the original Red/Blue/Yellow series. Almost 900 different Pokémon across 8 regions, from Kanto to Galar …

What better way to celebrate than to look back upon the last 24 years of Pokémon and pick out my most favourite ones? Except for the first one, this list is in no particular order of favourites and it may be a little bit obvious which series is my favourite.

Spoiler alert: Pikachu is not on this list because I actually don’t like Pikachu. Fight me.



My absolute most favourite Pokémon ever. The very first Pokémon plushie that I ever got was a Larvitar, from McDonalds’ back when they had a promo for the release of the Johto anime adventures.

Not only is Larvitar adorable, but its final evolution is absolutely fierce to boot (and is still one of the best in Pokémon GO, not that I play that anymore).



That’s right, I’m part of the #SquirtleSquad. Squirtle was my O.G partner back in the clunky-grey GameBoy days and so it has a special place in my heart.

That’s about it really… Squirtle as a starter all day every day.



One of my most favourite Legendaries, tied for first with the next Pokémon on this list.

Mewtwo is cool, man. Straight up in the first ever generation of Pokémon and we have a man-made Pokémon that can communicate. Let’s not forget the genuine tears many of us had cried during that scene in The First Movie. All Mewtwo.



If I’m being honest, I’m not sure what exactly it was that made Rayquaza one of my favourite Legendaries. Most probably because it was the first that was green – my favourite colour. But Rayquaza turned out to be pretty badass. Rayquaza is the boss of the Weather Trio, after all.

Also his diet consists of meteors (and Minior, poor things). That’s a cool diet.



This is a Starter that’s close to my heart, and who was the beginning of my trend in favouring Fire-type Starters. Cyndaquil is adorable as heck and its final evolution, Typhlosion, is pretty sweet as well.

I mean, look at that GIF. IT IS SO CUTE!



I didn’t personally play X/Y so I wasn’t introduced to Pangoro until I played Sun/Moon. This fighting-dark Pokémon is an important member of my Shield team, it is personally my favourite for this type mix.

Who wouldn’t like a badass panda?



Yes, of course I have a favourite eeveelution. I don’t think you’re a real Pokémon fan if you don’t have one. Fight me!

The concept of one Pokémon being able to evolve into different types was absolutely cool, and that was in gen one. The introduction of new types in Johto gave birth to my favourite eeveelution and my personal favourite type: dark.



I love the idea of different forms of the same Pokémon and that’s what Sun/Moon did. And Lycanroc has three!

Might be biased here, but I love wolves too so…



If there was one Pokémon that I wish existed, it would be this one. I can imagine how comfortable it would be to just sleep on that cushy belly every night – I probably wouldn’t need a bed ever again!

Or I might just die if my Snorlax decides to roll-over… It would be worth it though.



The introduction of an “alternate Pokémon universe” is honestly one of the big reasons Sun/Moon is one of my games of the decade. There is genuinely nothing that was as innovative in this game series as Sun/Moon was.

Poipole is my favourite mostly because it was the first Ultra Beasts that I had encountered.

How nostalgic is that Pokérap? I can’t believe that there are almost 1,000 Pokémon now, even 150 back in Kanto days was crazy!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little ode to Pokémon, in celebration of Pokémon Day. Which are your favourite Pokémon? Let me know!

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