Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection reminded me of the good old days (Review)

Here’s a little secret: I love the Mega Man series. The original Rockman, the X-series, this series that I’m reviewing right now. You name it – I most probably love it… Probably

*side glance at X-7 and X-8*

When I heard that they’re remastering the Zero series for re-release, I had to buy it. And I did…on day one! I don’t do that often. But… is it as great as I remember?

Booting up Mega Man Zero, hearing that menu music, gave me goosebumps up and down my arms. My body is ready for this… I hit start

And I’m transported back to being a 7 year old girl, sitting in the living room of my parent’s house, sharing a purple Game Boy Advance with my older brother.


The Year is 20XX…

The Legacy Collection is a combination of all the Zero and ZX series, four and two respectively.

The Zero series was originally released on the Game Boy Advance, while the ZX series was launched on the DS. So like the Legacy release of the original Mega Man X series (up to X6, at least), expect pixel art and sweet chip tunes.

Like the Mega Man collections, Zero/ZX gives you the option to go through the series as it was originally created – absolutely rage inducing, especially when you’re just one slash away from defeating a boss and you die…then you have to go through the entire level again. You could also just dash through the levels and enjoy the story via Casual Story mode.

Or you could go through it like I did and use ‘Save Assist’. It gives you checkpoints across levels so you can enjoy the rage without the task to keep going through the levels again and again after dying from a boss for the umpteenth time. So much rage yet so much love…


Zero, save us!

Mega Man Zero is almost exactly as I remembered it to be: exciting and nerve-wrecking all at once. The ‘remaster filter’ smooths things out a little and fits it to the wide Switch screen better than when its turned off. Though if you still want the original “grit”, there’s a filter option for that too!

It was strange though; going through the game on a Switch. The button presses felt unnatural (especially since the GBA only had A/B buttons and I never played it on the NDS). The learning curve and the getting used to doesn’t take away from the experience at all, not in the slightest.


Engage, Biometals!

For some reason I remember the Z-series better than the ZX-series. So that might tell you a bit about it in general. To me, however, its probably because ZX has nothing to do with Zero or X.

Well… Not directly, at least.

The ZX series revolves around Aile (female) or Vent (male), in the first, and Grey (male) or Ashe (female), in Advent, who discover Biometals which grants you powers akin to that they are named after. Biometal X grants you X’s powers with a buster, Biometal Z grants you Zero’s powers with a sabre. You get the picture!

I found that the ZX series has a more ‘open world’ feel compared to the original Z series, or any other Mega Man game for that matter. Each ‘section’ is almost directly connected to one another and you can see their interconnectivity on a map. If they’re not in ‘walkable’ distance, you can easily Trans yourself over to an area.


It took me a while to get around to writing this review because I wanted to go through all the games in the most genuine-way possible, so I can write this review in the most genuine way I can.

And in my honest opinion: the Zero series is the best out of all the Mega Man games. Yes, even better than Battle Network, though that’s a close second for my personal list – tied with X-4. It gives a new spin to the series and shines a light onto my biggest gamer girl crush in a way that the other series just couldn’t do justice.

Rage quit tendencies aside, I’m reminded of why I love the Mega Man games so much and why they will always have a special place in my heart.

Blaise gib dis game…

full starfull starfull starfull starhalf star



I bought the game on the Nintendo eStore for $29.99 with the support of my Patron, Dylan. Screenshots are all mine tqvm 🙂

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