Tech Review: Edifier XM6BT Packs a Bass-y Punch

Today, I’ve got the Edifier XM6BT subwoofers. These speakers are pretty old, I’m well aware that they were released in late 2016. They’re still on the market and for subwoofers, they’re quite affordable – with its price tag sitting comfortably below the RM250 mark.

When I first saw the box it came in, my first thoughts were “Oh, these are smaller than I expected!”

And then I turned my music on…

I felt my floor shake to FMLYBND‘s Phoenix

And it was pretty unexpected, coming from a small little thing. But that goes to show that you’ll definitely get your money’s worth, and just a little bit more.

The Edifier XM6BT is a 2.1 subwoofer and can be used with a 3.5mm AUX cable, supports Bluetooth, USB and SD (but who uses SD cards for music nowadays though?). It also has a remote controller that lets you switch inputs, pause/play and adjust the volume of whatever you may be listening to, from across the room.

Well even further across the room…

They’re relatively lightweight, so picking it up and moving them around isn’t too bad of a chore (like when you need to bring them around the house take photos of them, then reconnect them to your PC to actually be able to review them). But as you’d expect from something this affordable, they do feel a little bit flimsy. In fact, one of the little anti-scratch foam pads on the bottom of the subwoofer had come off just before I took the next photo.

The Look

Kindly ignore how not clean they are anymore for I have many cats

Black with a woody-sort of finish, these speakers will fit in nicely in a lot of households. They were smaller than I had expected, but all the better to put them in places that you wouldn’t be normally be able to like on top of your packed desk or on the dashboard under the TV.

On its side, in a little notch, are the controller buttons and a knob that lets you control the bass levels. Except for the knob, you wouldn’t have to use any of the other buttons thanks to the nifty remote controller. One LED light on this side tells you which mode its currently on: blue for Bluetooth; green for AUX; and red for USB/SD.

The speakers have little holes at the back of them, so if you want to mount them to your walls, you can!

The Sound


These speakers may be small but they sure do pack a punch. Sound comes out crisp and clear, but don’t expect amazing, mind-blowing sound. Since bass levels are customisable with its little knob, how hard of soft you want your exploding grenades to shake your house is entirely up to you. Just remember that you do have neighbours and maybe it’s best not to drag them into the battlefield at one in the morning?

Playing video games and watching movies with them is much more satisfying compared to using the speakers of my laptop or my old TV set. I can finally understand what people are saying without using subtitles. While I’m all for closed-captions, but a lot of the time I’d like to actually understand who is saying what and not have to use much brain power on figuring it out.

My conclusion…

I’ve come to love going back home, immediately connecting my phone to the speakers and playing a random Spotify playlist. While it is fun to play video games with it on, I probably won’t be using it like that for the time being, at least not until I get a sweet TV setup. There’s just something different about playing RPGs with headphones on. Still a keeper though, in my opinion!

The Edifier XM6BT is available for RM239 and can be bought at some electronics stores or on Lazada. I got my review unit thanks to Inter-Asia, the distributors of Edifier peripherals in Malaysia. All photos taken by me.

Here’s a bonus cat for getting to the end!

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