#LateToTheParty Tech Review: Razer Kraken Pro V2 Headphones

The Razer Kraken Pro V2 are my very first pair of headphones (yes, ever) and to be honest, it was a risky purchase for me because I might end up spending a load of money on a thing I may never use. Why? Because typically headphones aren’t very friendly to perpetually glasses-wearing folk like me. At least, not the ones that I normally see.

“Why did you buy a pair of Razer headphones?” I hear you ask.

Well, why don’t we find out?

I’ve had these headphones for a wee bit now after giving it some thought – I decided to give my two cents. I’m not normally a fan of headphones in general because I wear glasses (almost) 24/7 and these things typically hurt me. Like actual pain.  So after a bit of research, I discovered that unlike the Edifier G4 (which I got after the Kraken), Razer headphones’ ear padding come oval shaped too, and they’re supposed to be heaps more comfortable.

Spoiler alert: they really are.

The Look


You can’t deny that Razer gear look pretty cool in general, and the Kraken V2 is no different. I got mine in white and while my clean-freak best friend (Hi, Nadz) might hate me for this, they just looked nicer to me compared to the black ones.

White also matches my laptop (seen above), so there might be an unconscious trend happening here…

The Razer snakes sit on each side, outlined. They don’t cycle through colours though, they’re just solid. You’d have to get the Pros for that feature, if that’s something you’d really want.

The Feel


While the Kraken is built from plastic and cushion, it doesn’t feel cheap, if you know what I mean. Since I bought it, I’ve used it daily for gaming to watching YouTube videos to plain ol listening to music and I’ve not been uncomfortable for a moment. And for what it costed me, I’m damn well happy that I can use it this much. If you’re like me, heavily reliant on your glasses, and are looking to get a good pair, make sure you get a pair that’s oval instead of circular. It makes all the difference.

The oval paddings sit comfortably over my elvish ears and they’re so soft that they barely press against my glasses. My only issue with it is when I need to slouch when I’m making notes – gravity is no friend and when I tilt my head downwards, everything gets dragged down, my glasses gets pushed off my face. It’s not a comfortable position and I’ve tried letting it sit on my head a variety of ways to no avail.

But it’s a small bump on the road, nothing I really need to fuss about.

The Sound


I must say, the sound coming out of these bad boys is loud. I’ve not had to keep my volume any higher than 20% since using these (compared to cranking it up close to 50% on my earphones) and it’s a relief to find out that I’ve not become heard of hearing. The noise-cancellation on these are pretty good as well, I’m able to almost completely drown out any noise, from the construction across the road to someone’s snoring in their sleep, and can game/watch Netflix/listen to music with peaceful clarity. It doesn’t hurt to crank it up to 30% every so often, just to get that little bit further from the outside world.

Sound quality comes through crisp and clear, that’s for sure – I wouldn’t expect any less from a company of this reputation. However, their sound seems to lack in bass, especially when it comes to listening to music, though it doesn’t lack it completely. I do love me some punchy bass, the kind that makes your head vibrate along with the music and was a bit sad to find out that this was the case. That’s my personal preference though.

Since I didn’t opt for the 7.1, I missed out on built-in surround sound though to be honest, it’s not a big necessity for me, the Pro’s stereo work just fine. Using Hellblade as a “surround sound” test again, I can still pinpoint where the whispers are coming from and since I’m not the FPS sort of gal, this crisp quality of sound is all I need in a pair of headphones.

My conclusion…


There are a few hiccups here and there, but they aren’t big enough for me to want to throw these out, nothing’s perfect after all! The oval shaped paddings are seriously a life changer, you don’t need to buy their fancy add-on in order to feel comfortable using these for long periods of time while wearing glasses. Sound quality needs a bit more bass for my liking but it otherwise comes through loud (literally) and clear. I absolutely do not regret this purchase.

 I bought the Razer Kraken Pro V2 on my own dime. There’s a new 2019 version of the Kraken out and available now. If you’re reading this, Razer people, I hope you’re having a nice day 😉

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