#LateToTheParty: So I finally have a Nintendo Switch…

You read that right: I finally have the Nintendo Switch. The hybrid console has been out for about 2 years now and I only now have one… Stop judging me!

I’m currently a bit over 9 weeks in as a fresh Switch-owner and I have many thoughts.

TL;DR: I absolutely love it.


I’ll try to keep this short and sweet 🙂

Although the Switch Lite was announced recently, I have to say that I’m perfectly content with the original. I bought the Switch because of its hybridity, which is missing from the Lite. Sometimes I want to play Zelda on-the-go and sometimes I want to Smash on the TV screen, the Lite doesn’t give me that flexibility.

While I’ve played (and finished) Breath of the Wild, and what an amazingly beautiful game that is, I have yet to play any of the more “graphically heavy” games on my beloved device like Resident Evil or Skyrim so I don’t have much to say in terms of that but what I can say is that this current HD-state is enough for my tastes. I don’t need a 4K machine to play a great game, I don’t need 4K hyperreal graphics slapped onto a game to call it visually stunning either. I’m happy even with 16-bit graphics as long as its done well, you know?

Doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate visuals games like 2018’s God of War, though!


Finally getting the Switch is a massive relief for the gamer in me. I’ve not been able to play anything since my laptop overheats like nobody’s business thanks to the lovely Malaysian-weather. I’m on this thing daily, even though I’ve not gotten many games at this point – I’m finding all the Shrines in BOTW, I’m unlocking all those Smash characters and I’ve started Fitness Boxing. Yep… I’m that kind of gamer as well.

Who needs a gym if you’ve got a Switch? FEEL THE BURN!


One drawback that I have at the moment is how ruddy expensive it is to buy games on the Switch. I’ve not gotten many games at the moment because of exactly that! I can expect to cash-out about 200 MYR per game and even more if I want a physical version of a game. I would normally jump on a new Mortal Kombat game soo quick but because I wanted to get only one copy and I knew I was going to get a Switch, I didn’t buy it on Steam (as if I could have been able to play on it anyway! Ruddy overheating problems).

Can’t do much about it though, not until I emigrate elsewhere and get to earn a decent wage in a decent currency anyway. TWO HUNDRED on a video game, jeeeeeez!

Thankfully my lovely buddy David over at The AU Review has kindly brought me into the folds of his games team, so I still get to enjoy some new stuff every once in a while.

Hint hint 😉

A stand-alone unit of the Nintendo Switch (with no games) is currently retailed at MYR 1,199 | US$299. Big love to Nick for getting the Switch for me.

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