#LateToTheParty Tech Review: Edifier TWS 1, my first truly wireless earbuds

Ever since Jack left the building (thanks to the launch of the iPhone 7 making it a trend), there was a rise in bluetooth earphones in the market – starting with Apple’s AirPods. I’ve still got my headphone jack on my phone (thankfully) and I’ve not had to suffer through a transition…yet. For the life of me, I can’t comfortably use earphones that are not of the in-ear type. Even headphones are a big problem for me (as mentioned in my Kraken review) and that sucks since I’m rarely found without earphones on. At home, on the plane, in a train – always plugged into music (or a cheeky game).

The kind peoples at Edifier (Malaysia) hooked me up with the TWS 1 and as usual: I’ve got some thoughts.

As of writing this review, there have been three more iterations in the TWS series – hence why I’m #LateToTheParty. Well, I think I am anyway… Their products weren’t released in numerical order if that makes any sense – TWS 1 is first but then is followed by TWS 3 then TWS 2 and the TWS 5 had been released recently.

The Look

They’re rather plasticy and are most definitely thumbprint magnets but considering that they’re budget wireless buds and looking at their current retail price, that’s forgivable. They’re too small and they’d be in your ears most of the time anyway. Out of sight, out of mind!

The carrier-charging case is small enough that you’d be able to stick it in your pocket (even in ladies pants!) for whenever you need a quick battery boost. I’ve got the black version and if I’m honest, there’s nothing that special about it though it seems to be quite hidden within some of my vlogs thanks to blending in with my dark hair.

The Feel

Once I switched out the buds for the smallest size, they finally sat comfortably. Since the TWS 1 are earbuds, their designed to fit snug within the space of your ears though for me they stick out a bit too much so I can’t use them in bed.

I’m not a runner, but when I go for walks, go cycling or do a workout I appreciate not having to fumble about with wires and an added bonus to the TWS 1 is that their snug-fit means that they don’t fall out while I burn those calories. Another bonus is that these bad bois are splash-proof and sweat-proof so I won’t find myself getting electrocuted anytime soon. Phew!

After about two hours it does start to make my ears ache, though that seems to be quickly remediable by simply taking them out and back in again – the complete opposite of what happens when I use AirPods where I can’t wear them at all once my ears have started to ache 15 minutes later.

The Sound

I’m a big fan of heavy bass and the TWS 1 almost hits the mark. They’re close but not quite there yet. Otherwise, the sound produced is crystal clear but when you’re only using one side it becomes rather soft – you’d need to turn your volume up a little – though even when on a low volume, the noise cancelling is pretty good. I would struggle to have a conversation unless I take them out completely.

The buds are touch-controlled, allowing you to play, pause, skip tracks and even go to previous tracks with certain numbers of taps. Playing and pausing music goes easy enough but it does get confused when you want to go back to the previous track and would skip instead. I’ve had the buds for a few weeks now and I still haven’t gotten the hang of it.

Taking calls with the buds is easy enough and apparently the sound comes through the mic well enough to be understood though keep in mind that the mic on the TWS 1 will be quite a distance from your mouth, so you wouldn’t be able to have a hushed conversation.


I’m a bit on the fence about the TWS 1. While the sound quality and build are pretty decent, I take comfort as the absolute priority when it comes to listening peripherals and after long periods of use I stop using the buds and switch out for my wired ones. Like I said in the beginning of this post: I’m rarely without earphones on so I need a pair of earbuds that I can wear for long periods of time.

These are my first pair of truly wireless earbuds and knowing that these aren’t the latest in Edifier’s TWS-series gives me a little bit of hope that there might be a perfect pair for me…somewhere out there.

The Edifier TWS 1 is currently available for MYR154.23 | US$49.99 (non-affiliate links). I got my review unit thanks to Inter-Asia, the distributors of Edifier peripherals in Malaysia. This post is dedicated to my bud Nain who’s not given up on me despite my crap posting schedule and still fighting for me to be recognised as a creator. You’re the best ❤

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