Game Review: 20XX Is Still Fun To Play, One Year Later

I’ve written a review on this game before but back then I had only played a measly two hours before I gave up. This time, with a bum (sprained) back and therefore unable to venture into the outside world, I decided to challenge myself to finish the game, no matter how long it took. And boy oh boy did it take me a while.

45 hours of game time later, I’ve finally completed 20XX after a cop-out (I switched to Revenant mode), two near-misses and one unresponsive game. I almost gave up too. But the satisfaction was worth it. Kind of…

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Tech Review: Edifier G4 Gaming Headphones

Today I have the Edifier G4 gaming headset. I know these are pretty old (about a year old now, I think) I thought since I like to talk about affordable gaming gear, that I should write about this too. Although to be honest, I would really consider these to be mid-range rather than “affordable” (I personally class any peripherals below RM200 as affordable).

My only exposure to Edifier’s sound has been with the W570BT headphones that I love to take around with me, especially when I’m traveling. When these landed on my lap, I was rather curious to see how their gaming series fare against the rest of their products.

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Women in Gaming: The Turning of the Tides

It is now 2018 and things are slowly changing…too slowly.

I originally wrote this piece for Issue #015 of the now discontinued Edge Asia magazine. Felt like it wasn’t given enough justice as there’s no room for discussion on a printed magazine. Inspired by the r/GirlGamer subreddit, I’ve decided to edit and add some bits and repost it here.

While things may seem to be getting better for us women in the games world, there’s still a lot of work left to do.

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